Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm Proud To Tell The World.

I never ever have the guts to say the three words to her.
Honestly, i admire her for the very first time i met her.
Kay's friend, little girl, with cute face and shinning braces on her teeth.
She's a Sarawakian!
I was like "wow", when she talked to Kay using her Sarawak language.
I kinda interested when i heard something new. So i started to learn some new words from both of them.
"Kamek, Kitak, Sik, Tok.." hahaha.

I felt so down, when i was told that she has a boyfriend, from her very own hometown, and of course i heard a lot of what her boyfriend did to her. I was thinking why is he doing that. If i were her, i will feel so terrible and uncomfortable.

So, as times goes by, and i just kept my feeling to myself. Looking at herself from far away view. Wishing that i'll be her man, someday.

It all started with facebook, she added me, her nick is "Shapple Amuro". I was so happy! I saw her online, and i started to IM her on facebook, "Who's this?", eventhough i already know who she is. :p

I built up my guts, strength to get to know her better. Her relationship and everything. Funny, i'm so much in love with her, but it took time for me to say the three words. I just like to comment on her status, picture, tag her in my picture. Friends noticed that me and her, always comment each other and started to talk about us.

I was really shy, why do they have to do this. Till 1 day, friends, Dila, Kay, Yan, Dayat and Helmi were around with her for diner at K9. Like always, they start to talk and made fun of us, I just smile and do nothing. Only god knows my feeling at that momment. T.T

That night, i online and i have 50/50 guts to tell her about my feelings, i started with post a status that sound like this, "I don't have the guts, to say those three words". Kay started to comment it and people starts to like it. She noticed it, and told me " What three words?" I reply on my status again, "143", and she said " That's not words, it's a number". God, at this momment i was shivering like hell..

After awhile, the courage came, i wrote on my status " I love You ok... *malu........" Then she ask the confirmation question, like "Really, Why.. and more" and i gave my words to convinved her, i tell her how, when did this happened, and i can't explain why i love her, like her so much. It just happened, and it happened for a reason.

She reply to my status, and it's a yes. I'm tottally speechless, can't stop smiling plus i wanna cry my lungs out. I'm so so happy.. it was 29th July 2009.

I want to make her happy, laugh out loud with me, to take a good care of her, and stand by her side as long as I live. I don't care who she is in the past, i accept her for what she is and she accepted me for what i am. I love you b. so much. 143 <-- I LOVE YOU!