Friday, October 16, 2009

since you are away.

since you are away, i'm lost.
where are you love?
i'm all alone, when you left me.
there's no more smile.
no more laugh.
pain, you left me here.
i miss you, i really really miss you.

since you are away,
i'm nothing.
you left me an empty heart.
i'm not the man i used to be.
searching for you.
waiting for you.

since you are away,
i think about you.
every minutes and every seconds.
where's my sweetheart?
hold my hands,
so i won't get lost.

since you are away,
all the memories,
sad, happy still in my mind.
will never fade away.
because i know,
that's what i need the most.
right here, right now.

since you are away,
u're my painkiller,
u are the one who can take this pain away.
i'm addicted to you.
my painkiller.
take my pain away, now and forever.

since you are away,
only god knows,
how much do i miss you.
how much do i love you.
how much do i care about you.
it's hard.
but i try and try and never give up.

since you are away,
i'm waiting patiently,
to see you in front of my eyes,
to see ur smile,
to hear ur laugh.
to hold you and never ever let you go.
i love you.


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